FirstWinn ties up in a partnership with Liverpool football club

The popular Singaporean mobile casino to receive several bounties.

Singapore: 31st December 2019 will be a noteworthy day for the FirstWinn- A legal, credible, reliable, and trustful online casino operator which is operable in Malaysia and Singapore. This day will remark and highlight two major achievements by the FirstWinn which are:

Being partnered with the most famous, well-known and popular Liverpool football club as the official betting partners for fantasy sports and in-game betting.

Honoured as the best mobile casino operators in Asia for the year 2019

The FirstWinn has decided to organize an even to broadcast these two main messages and to celebrate the bliss of Christmas Eve and New Year.

The broadcasting event will take place in Singapore at a mass level and will bring uprising of the two major announcements among the audience of both ends of the partnership. The broadcasting event is reported to be conducting in the manner stated as follows:

  • The event will be conducted in Singapore
  • The event will be a type of broadcasting event under which the announcement of getting partnered with the Liverpool football club and the announcement of being opted as the best online casino operators of Asia in 2019 will be made on a mass level
  • The broadcasting event will take place on 31st December 2019 at the time of the Christmas eve and the new year
  • The broadcasting will be done by three appointed key opinion leaders that are extremely popular marketers and influencers in the industry and they will be delivering the main message of the two big announcements to the audience
  • The broadcasting event will also feature a giveaway under which the audience that will be attending the broadcasting event will be getting an exclusive and event only Liverpool football club t-shirt

As stated, there are three key opinion leaders that are appointed for the job of conveying the message of the partnership with the Liverpool football club and they are highly popular and well known in the field of marketing and social media influencing.

The names of these three key opinion leaders who are going to convey the announcement with the audience are Joey, Miko, Stella. They have instagram handles in which they have a large number of follower base that can be proved to be very useful for the promotion of the event.

The instagram usernames of the three key opinion leaders who are going to be conveying the message with the audience are Miko, Joey, Stella in a respective manner to the names of the key opinion leaders that are mentioned above.

The three key opinion leaders will also be promoting the event through their various social media handles and other marketing Medias.

The partnership among the Liverpool football club and the FirstWinn will create a lot of opportunities among both of the domains in terms of promotions and exposure such as:

The FirstWinn will be getting a lot of exposure with the means of advertisement as being the official betting partners of the  Liverpool football club due to the fact that Liverpool football club will be advertising the FirstWinn on the club ground and on the t-shirts of the players of the football club.

The FirstWinn can also expect to get advertised by the various branding partners, media partners, and marketing partners of the Liverpool Football club. Moreover, the Liverpool football club will also be benefitted with this partnership in several ways.

The most prominent advantage is that the Liverpool football club will be getting a reliable and trusted partner as the form of betting clients. This will ensure that the fans of the Liverpool football club that are interested in making sport betting and playing fantasy sports can trust the Liverpool football club for the same.

The reason for this is because the FirstWinn is a highly trustable online casino and is also nominated as the best online casino of 2019 in Asia. This is a major benefit since the clients will be getting a highly secure way of making bets and playing fantasy sports.

Another benefit is that the both of the parties will be exchanging their respective fan following and will be benefitted as a whole. The FirstWInn audience will be able to enjoy several promotional offers and will be getting huge discounts due to the occasion and the season of holidays.

About FirstWinn: The firstwinn is a leading mobile casino operator which is situated in Malaysia and Singapore an also is now the official betting partner of Liverpool FC.